OppLoans: Brand & Word Mark

When reducing the size of our current logo the tricolored “design element” within the “O” gets lost (see left). Our current logo is a bit formal and doesn’t reflect our positioning. Poor consistency across digital channels. Successful brands must be consistent in communication and experience therefore making the logo a unifying component. A bit too formal.

Most Lower case typefaces are being used in place of bold uppercase typefaces to soften the stern voice of corporate authority to something resembling more of a chat. The on-trend use of lower case letters in the logo will likely communicate a more approachable and casual feeling. Friendly is the desired effect.

No brand mark existed before the redesign. And a great many themes were explored in order to build the mark around a theme. The decision was made to stay on topic and create a mark based on opportunity. The main OppLoans office is located in Chicago and a lakefront sunrise kept reappearing in drafts.

Brand and word marks are a crucial component to the overall success of a business by helping build visual recognition. The new brand and word mark communicates OppLoans strength through color (Blue – trust/stability and grey – commerce/dignity) and stay current on trend. Lower case, tighter kerning, less rigid and more informal.

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