Brand & Word


Brand/word marks are a crucial component to the overall success of businesses by building visual recognition. These marks communicate OppLoans’ strength through color and stays current on trend. Lower case, tighter kerning, less rigid and more informal. More



I take an interactive approach to my web design work. I utilize the site owner’s objectives, user interviews and testing to construct effective results driven web sites. More



I was an integral member of the digital interactive group (Wirtz’ in-house agency) where I created and managed multiple e-mail campaigns weekly. All e-mails were generated without the use of templates to target customers and select vendors. More



Why should you have a logo? Well there are many reasons. And one of the most important has been proven time and again. Unprofessional logos can make your business look unstable. A truly professional logo helps your target market identify you. I can help! More

Poster & Package


Album covers are as special and unique as the artist(s) who wrote the music. I personally work with artists to create these pieces. And I let inspiration guide my poster design. More